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ACCEPTED. Barthalamu - Frost Mage


Name: Martin Blomberg

Age (must be 20+):  21 + "phew"

Where are you from: Sweden

Are you able to communicate fluently in English, as well as use Teamspeak voice-comms: Yes



Armoury Link:

WOL/WCL Logs: i dont if i have any avalible logs atm but i can get you some when iv talked to the guy that keeps logs.

Previous Guilds (inc. reason/s for leaving): DSV, they arent interested in progressing to mythic and people are already starting to drop of from raiding and goes back to CS go and other games.

Previous Raid Experience (Vanilla --> MoP): first started raiding semi seriously in naxxaramas WoD. did icc aswell, in cata i also did abit of raiding, cleard BoT BWD with FL following and then some dragon soul. in mop i did everything the start of the expansion to the very end, 10 man mostly and did most of my heroics in SoO.

Raid Availability (we expect you to have as much as attendence as possible , but anything below 80% without a reason might result in losing your trial rank): we schedule raids using the ingame Calendar, between 20:00-23:30 gametime, Wed/Sun/Tues

Raid Readiness - do you come to raids prepared? (read-up on boss tactics, as well as supply of flasks/pots/food): i always check up on guides when theres new things to consider and i do have an alt that makes all my pots/flasks and food.


Anything else?
(use this to give us any more details about yourself that you wish to divulge, whether it be about WoW or you personally.  GO NUTS!)

nothing of any interest.

i seem to be the only one stupid enough to use my own name :P

Hello Martin.

Thanks for your application , please give us some time to discuss as officers.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Best regards ,


Hi Martin ,

After discussing with the officers , we have decided to give you a trial spot.

Whisper any officer (Korpiklaano, Viruk, Katelynn, Crashtest, Fridge, Hjortinden or Moothrawnu)  , for a guild invite.

Welcome to Revenant!

Best regards ,



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