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Holy Paladin - Reitos - Accepted.



Name: Joosep

Age (must be 20+): 24

Where are you from: Estonia

Are you able to communicate fluently in English, as well as use Teamspeak voice-comms: Yes, I work in English and with voice comms every day.



Armoury Link:
Some of my gear lacks the optimal stats for a Holy Paladin due to this having been my alt character, but in upgrades I look for Crit/Haste if at all possible. As for the talents I’ve chosen then the Tier 1 and Tier 4 most of all may vary from fight to fight, but the rest I feel are just best for almost any case.
Should I make the paladin my main I would most likely get myself Everburning Candle/Winged Hourglass to replace the current trinkets
NB! The main resto druid for example:

Just an example. I am applying with the holy priest Kaldea and we will probably be pugging to clear 7/7HC today already and will be adding more logs from HC tonight.
Also adding logs for my resto druid Kusczak – so you know I have been active and aware of the fights:

Previous Guilds (inc. reason/s for leaving): Started in WotLK on Al’Akir because of IRL friends. Raided with Kaldea and our other friends until the end of Cata (Twilight, merged into Vendétta, merged into Mythic), but did not like MoP so didn’t raid then. Now we returned for WoD, but most of our friends did not so we’ve been searching for a steady guild.
Tried out 2 guilds so far in WoD but one wanted to raid too much and the other didn’t like progress raids. This is why we are interested in finding a permanent guild that has people with similar mindsets. We don’t mind wiping and hard times, we just want to have fun and still progress.

Previous Raid Experience (Vanilla --> MoP): Naxx/Ulduar/ToC/LK, BWD/Throne/BoT/DS

Raid Availability (min. 2 raids per week): My job can be a little unpredicable at times, but I am definitely available at least 2 times per week. The start time is very good because my work ends by then.

Raid Readiness - do you come to raids prepared? (read-up on boss tactics, as well as supply of flasks/pots/food):
Yes, of course, read up, watch videos and try to be as aware as possible. I have a barn and an alchemist so I always bring foods and extra flasks to share if needed. I also watch some tactics ahead so that I will be ready for further progress.

Anything else?
We are applying together with Kaldea and we just want to find a nice steady guild that is dedicated but have fun while raiding. We are ready to be tested at any time, just contact us through the game or here on the application.


Thanks for your application , please give us some time to discuss in the secretive officer section.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Best regards

Hi Joosep ,

After discussing with the officers , we have decided to give you a trial spot.

Whisper any officer (Korpiklaano, Viruk, Katelynn, Crashtest, Fridge, Hjortinden or Moothrawnu)  , for a guild invite.

Best regards ,



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