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Warlords of Draenor - yay or nay?


Having played this game since July 2006, and not wanting to miss out on what could be an awesome xpack (I have chatted with some you who claim it is very awesome indeed), I will probably be giving WoD a go. So how is the temperature for such here?

Anyone planning on giving WoD a go?

(and hi, by the way, long time no see).


--- Quote from: RealPhali on October 09, 2014, 01:44:40 pm ---Anyone planning on giving WoD a go?

--- End quote ---

*checks raid roster*

yeah, around 40 people in the guild will be playing WoD :P

loads of new faces who might not know you tho. me, viruk and ctp should be around, so you might catch us ingame ;)

Hey Phali mate, what a long time no see.

As Fridge stated, Revenant is for sure preparing for WoD and we already have a large roster.
I'm not playing WoW anymore (perhaps I'll buy WoD at some point to see the game, but raiding is out of the question) but oldies like CptUK, Viruk, Fridge, Uriel are still around and raiding. Even some REAL oldies like Shadownite you might still remember.

But I'll hang around in this forum so feel free to chat if you want. Hope you join Revenant mate.


Long time no see indeed.

I for my part have been playing but not raiding in cata and mop. But I am definetly going to lvl my shaman in wod hoping for a raid spot as Resto.

Would be fun raiding with all u ppl again.

Good to hear that at least some of the old gang are still at it! :)

I am thinking of using my free level 90 to boost up one of my Al'Akir characters (I moved all my mains to Emerald Dream a few years ago) so I don't have to pay for a character transfer. Not sure if I'll bother with raiding, at least not to begin with, but it would be nice just to hang around and chat aswell :-)

I do remember Shadownite actually, I think he joined around the time I did (or a little before) back in '06. Look forward to seeing you all again :)


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